Whether you think you can or you think you can't, your right. Henry Ford~


Hi I'm Annie~

If you are here, you are interested in knowing how to live a life of passion and perhaps even leaving your traditonal 9 to 5 job to become an online entrpreneur.  I was hearing so much about how the world is changing and how it is easier than ever before to be able to create a dream life with an online business.

All the perks I was hearing about where exactly what I have been looking for. I wanted to make a living while being at home with my family and even be able to have family trips and still receive an income. I wanted to know I was in charge of my schedule. I wanted to work when I chose to. I didn’t want a boss hanging over and micro-managing me and I certainly didn’t want that person in charge of what I could get paid.

I wanted freedom. Freedom of time, financial freedom and knowing that I was in control of my paycheck and how much money I had the potential of earning. Basically, I wanted to be in charge of my own life and I do soemthing I truly was passionate about and I  don’t think that is to much to ask for. I am willing to bet you are wanting that as well.

Hostess bringing fresh towels
                                           Hostess bringing fresh towels

A Lil Background

Growing up I did the typical jobs, hotel hostess, flower shop girl, grocery bagger etc. But when I was nineteen. I started working in the publicity department at a Major Motion PIcture Studio here in L.A. where I grew up and worked there all the way through my twenties. I started in the mail room and by th time I left I was Manager of Publicity.

I stayed there along time but knew early on that the lifestyle wasn’t for me. I made good friends but the hours were long and I really didn't have a life outside of the job. I hung in there because I did not attend college and everyone else around me was advising me to stay because it was a great paying job for someone who never went to college. I listened because they had a point, and after all, happiness isn't a jo requirement right?  I stayed with the company for over 12 years.

Everyday I knew it was not the way I wanted to live my life but I kept giving it my time, my energy and my well-being. The breaking point came when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism due to adrenal fatigue (stress related). I finally got up the courage to leave and with a quivering hand gave my letter of resignation.

I Thought I Had a Plan

I was in my thirties at this point and really didn’t have a plan. O.K.,, yes, I did actually have a plan but it wasn’t a really good one. I thought it would be a great idea to cash out my 401 k and live on it while I "discovered myself".

Well, let’s just say when you are free from a full time job for the first time sense being 18 years old AND you have some money in the bank you tend to go a lil cray cray with over spending and having fun and discovering who you are and what you want.

A year later, I was almost broke and found my self having to find another full time job. You see, unfortunately I did not look at my time off as the opportunity it was and I didn’t acquire any new skills during unemployment . I thought I would have time to figure things out and I would would have my "A-HA" moment but the money ran out before the moment came.

Needless to say, I was vey disappointed in myself for not making better choices. It is so easy to say that you are going to change things up and really do something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. To say your going to light the world on fire is a lot easier than doing it especially all alone no matter how much passion and creativity you have.

Big ship in the ocean


Tired of Being a Follower

We are not taught as children to be the captain’s of our own ship. From a young age we are taught how to be good followers. Follow the teacher, follow the education system, follow the Boss. The thought of this has been a thorn in my side and I wanted to break free from this pattern and pull that pesky thorn out for good but I had blown my chance, so I thought.

Knowing I had to again join the 9 to 5 or more like 5 to 9, I was determined for it to be different, it was going to have purpose for me. I had my eye on a well-known non profit supporting Women in the Entertainment Industry. I loved the mission statement and as soon as there was an opening I applied and three interviews later I became their Director of Membership.

I went into this position with a grateful attitude and I had really high hopes for the position. I knew I would be good at because I really cared about helping women achieve their professional goals in the Enterainment Industry. After all, I was in the Indusrty and I really wanted to help women fulfill their potential. I wanted to be their life boat and help them navigate the rough waters of the Entertainment Industry.

What I discovered about myself was I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be that life boat for them, I couldn’t help navigate them where they wanted to go honestly and with a good conscious because I knew what it took to be in that environment and really did not want to be an advocate for it. I found myself in an akward position. I did not want to discourage anyone from following their passion but because I wasn’t passionate about the same thing I couldn’t get behind what is was that I was saying. I did the best I could to be a neutral support but decided it would be best to start looking around for something else.

It was around this time that I met my now husband, who was also working in the Entertainment Industry in a graphic arts capacity. We were both L.A. natives and we would have long conversations of living a simpler life and dream of the countryside and raising our kids in a small town. We were itching to discover life outside Hollywood. We decided when the time was right we would do it and we started putting a plan together. On a wing and prayer we decided to leave Hollywood.

Packing It Up

O.K. So with two small kids a dog and a hermit crab loaded up in a truck pulling a U-Haul we headed across the country to Nashville, TN chasing the American Dream. What did we do when we got there?

Me and My husband taking a selfie

We bought a coffee shop. Now this was something completely different, we thought. We were so happy! We had poured our life savings into this business and it was going to be our golden egg. It was our own business, we could run it the way wanted, we could create our own schedules, we would be able to spend time with the children and go on great family vacations and really enjoy quality time together without worrying about our finances. It was the life we had both been dreaming about. Right?

Sorry to say, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Owning a small coffee shop that is dependent on the neighborhood for its customers requires every second of your time. Literally it is your baby and it is a 24/7 job. You are the floor sweeper, the shelf stocker, the schedule maker, the cashier, the bill payer, the customers service rep. The list goes on and on. Hats off to anyone who owns a small business it is a true labor of love.

The reason I wanted to own my own business was to get away from micro-managing and keeping a schedule and most of all I wanted time and financial security neither of which I was getting. I ended up being the micro-manager making sure everything was as perfect as possible, rearranging schedules for employees, constantly hiring and trainning part timers. I thought owning a traditional brick and mortar business was the answer I was looking for but unfortunately not. It came with dare I say, more stressfull circumstances than being a cog in the wheel of the “Yes ma’am, No Sir” corporate world.

Almost three years in on a Sunday evening exhausted again from the week behind us and anxious and stressed for the week ahead, my husband and I had “The Talk”. It was a hard pill to swallow that our dream, what we pack up our life and headed across country for had not turned out the way we wanted it to. Our life savings was running dry, we were scared and I missed my friends and family back home terribly. Perhaps, if I had them as support in Nashville things may have worked out but we were alone in a new place without the people we loved the most around. There had also been a few family issues that really tugged at my heart.

Knowing that this business wasn’t getting us any closer to how we truly wanted to live our life we made the difficult decision to close the doors. With our business gone there really wasn’t a lot keeping us in Nashville and having the very clear vision of hindsight we realized what we left back in California was our home, our family, our friends. We aren’t Hollywood types but we are Californians and that is where we wanted to be. Can you guess what happens next?

Toy van packed up and moving on it’s journey
                               Toy van packed up and moving on it’s journey


O.K., Guess What Happen Next

We packed it all up again and headed home. Back to California with a lot less of what we left with. We were blessed to have been coming back to open arms and open hearts. With the help of our loved ones we were able to get settled. Jeff found a job with his friend’s company and I started my search again.

Now, please don’t think for one minute I regret any of these experiences, I don’t, in fact I am so grateful for them now because they have allowed me to be quite clear on what I do not want. Experience is the best form of education. I am certain now that not one of those jobs would have given me the lifestyle I truly wanted. Not one would have allowed me the freedom I was looking for. I know that my heart wasn’t in any of those choices and my potential wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

So, what could give me all I wanted you ask? Well, let me first tell you why I’m writing this to begin with. I am writing this because I want you to really get a sense of who I am and who I am not. I am a seeker not a settler. I know I have one shot at this life and I want to pay attention to what is important to me and what my heart is calling out for. I do not want to short change myself by settling.


Family Values

My Father was a wonderfull man who was filled with kindness and integrity. He was the guardian of his loved one’s human spirit. He realized the importance and value of caring for another’s dreams and passions. He always instillled that in me and I take that role very seriously with me and my own family. “If you’re not growing, your dying” he would always say.

I am over 50 now and more sure about my life, where it’s going and how to get there than any other time in my life. I believe strongly in a person’s right to live a life of purpose and prosperity while growing to their full potential. My Mom always told me that P’s are good for you and I have taken that beyond the vegetable.

I want to show my children that they can truly have a life that they design. It does not have to be a life dependent on someone else to decide their worth. I want them to reach deep down within themselves and know that they are strong and capable of achieving their deepest desires. I want to be the one to show them how possible that is.

In fact, I don’t want to just show my children, I want to show anyone who is searching for their own freedom that there is a path that I believe in whole heartedly. This path has given me such potential for great freedom and a true sense of purpose. It is the path of the Online Entrepreneur.


Desperately Needed Motivation

So let’s backup. I told you I started searching again for work, but if I am being completely honest, I was disheartened at this point in my life. I needed motivation. I needed to keep the flame I had for life and pursuing my dreams of travel, freedom and financial security alive instead of the dim spark it had become. I wanted to get back to a place where my spirit would be set a blaze by the notion of achieving my desirers but I didn’t know where to start.


A woman who’s is sad.
                             Fearful and Depressed


I began to look at motivational videos on you tube and the more I spent time online the more I started to realize how powerful the internet was. Yes, it was great for watching videos but more and more I saw businesses popping up. Advertising was everywhere, Amazon was a household name. Now, everybody does almost everything online.

Statistics show that more than 3 billion people are online looking for goods and services each month! Each month that many people are online. I was aware of the internet but hadn’t used the internet for much more than motivational videos and, ok, a few cat videos too.

So, one day I was about to watch a Tony Robbins video and up pops a video of a guy who tells me his online journey. How he had been able to create a business online with a community, tools and trainning from his Mentors. People were getting together teaching others how to really take advantage of the tools of the internet. At this point in my life, I was looking for something but I am also very skeptical. I have lost a lot in my life and wasn’t wanting to risk anything.

I went back and forth thinking about if I should click on the ad or not. After few days I saw the video again and something really pushed me to take a look at it. I really wasn’t risking anything because it was free so I decided to click on the video and further hear what he had to say.

What I had Been Searching For

What I heard was like music to my ears. You see, all my life I have had the entrepreneurial spirit , but I did not have the tools the trainning or the teachers to help me go about it in a way that would support my dream lifestyle.

I was very excited to soak up all the information and put it to work for me. The series of videos and webinar’s where clear strategies with step by step instruction on how to build on online business from scratch even if you have know idea where to begin.

Mom with kids and Dog
                             Me and My Crew minus one

There were many avenues of the educational platform I could learn. How to create a product and sell it on Amazon. How to sell somebody else’s product. How to have your own shop online. I also learned how to place Facebook ads and ads on google. I learned affiliate marketing and I am happy and proud to say I am learning from my mentors who founded a wonderful company that teaches people how to unlock their greatest potential and using the digital economy to do it .

My spirit has been set a blaze for sure and I now am running a successful business online. My heart is 100% invested in helping others do the same. There is a way to make your dream lifestyle happen. It is the interenet and acquiring the skills necessary to use it takes time and dedication but once you start to learn you see the potential opening up right in front of you,

I invite you inside the world of online business and the freedom created because you are no longer tied to a location, you are no longer needing tons of start up cost, building permits, staff or inventory. This is where you ditch the traditional for the digital and all the lifestyle benefits that go along with can be yours.

What’s it all about? It’s about you and what matters most to you and building a life and a business around that.

What’s the catch? A commitment and desire from you to want to create a life you have always dreamed about.

What’s in gonna cost me? The questions to ask is, What’s it gonna cost you if you don’t make a change?

If you at all resonate with my story and who I am you owe it to yourself to watch the free videos and see where they take you. Perhaps you will be in your flipflops with your laptop living your dream lifestyle.


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