Whether you think you can or you think you can't, your right. Henry Ford~


Welcome!  It’s amazing to me that I even have a website because when I started my online journey I had no digital expereince whatsoever, I was over the age of 50 and my friends wondered why I even had a smart phone.
Now, I have a website and an online business that I love. I tell you this because one of the main reasons people think they can not  create a successful online business is becuse they are not “technical”  and I am here to tell you that is simply to true.
Until I created my online business  we were a one income family living in Los Angeles, California so you can imagine how far that goes. This set of skills has literally changed my life and it can change yours too.
I had been looking for supplemental income for awhile that could fit into our busy life. Being a Mother of two children, one with special needs comes with a great deal of love but not a lot of extra time. I had to find a way to generate income that would be on my schedule without anyone telling me where and when I have to be somewhere.
The internet was appealing to me because it is something I can do from home with just a laptop and internet connection. An online business offers so much of what I was looking for in regards to flexibility, time freedom and financial freedom
While searching for an authentic way to create an income online , I clicked on a video introducing me to  a free 7 part video series about how to start an online business from scratch.
 I am truly grateful for the life I am creating and highly recommend building an online business to anyone wishing to live a life of  freedom and unlimited financial potential. I  wish you all the best on your journey.


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