Fear of Doing Things For the First Time

First time anything can definitely have an element of fear attached to it. But why is that? Fear is a strange thing isn’t it. Some people have the opinion that it is a good thing it keeps you safe, and we all want to be safe,  none of us want to be in danger. Others have the notion that having fear is no good, that nothing good can come from fear.

Well, I get it…. I get both sides. This is my first ever blog and fear is what kept me from writing it for a long time. I guess with fear, like anything else you have to have balance, but in the end when it is all said and done fear is in your own mind and you have to decide who is leading your life. Is it fear or is it you, the true you the one that is capable of anything.

I decided to thank fear for what is was trying to do and then not so politely I told it to move aside. I want to be led by the part of me that holds my dreams and aspirations for my best possible life! Once I figured that out then, I asked myself a couple more question and I have listed them here in case they are helpful to others trying to change their life.

1  Where is fear, in what area of your life?

2. What is fear really trying to tell you?

3. Is what it’s trying to tell you worth listening to and why?

3. Now I asked myself “what are you willing to give up to keep this fear alive”?

If you are willing to give up on yourself, your dreams, and all the possibilities that are awaiting for you outside your comfort zone then fear has won.

The thought of that made me sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to just be safe so I could make it to the grave in one piece. I wanted to believe in myself, stand on my own to feet and do what matters to me. What that is is not exactly clear but what is clear is the fact that I am not going to figure it out by doing the same old thing I have been doing.

If you are willing to move through the discomfort there are so many things waiting on the other side. I felt the fear and did it anyway and things in my life are starting to change and there is not one part of me that wished I stayed in fear, self doubt, and judgement. We are all meant to be happy and we are all deserving deserving deserving of it.

Like I said, this is my first blog and I am a long way from overcoming all of my fears but this is a step in the right direction and the most important thing is I am having fun, I am discovering who I am and life has begun to open up to me again.



Annie Mochrie


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